Rapax HULK High Velocity Spring/Hulk Green - SRS/SSG/VSR (APS2 Style Spring)

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Rapax Rapax HULK High Velocity Spring/Hulk Green - SRS/SSG/VSR (APS2 Style Spring)

Rapax handmade springs - made in Europe to give you the best and most silent results for your sniper such as SRS/VSR/SSG24.

Joules may vary depending on the setup used on SRS, SSG24 or VSR-10. piston weight, barrel length...

Results : Hulk spring gives between 3.5J (G-Spec) to 4.9J for longest SRS barrels.

If the Rapax spring shoots too hot for your field, you can cut some coils off without damaging the spring integrity as long as it is done properly.

The first thing you will notice is a lighter pull compared to standard springs, in short: less effort for more joule. The Silverback M170 and Rapax Hulk spring need similar pull strength but the Rapax Hulk spring gives more FPS/joule in comparison.

All springs are the same length, use the same material, have the same number of coils, ect.
Spring wire used for Rapax springs production is of the highest quality spring wire, ensuring a prolonged period of usage compared to other springs.

Tempering of these springs is made in a way to guarantee a long lifetime and very small FPS/Joule loss over time.

Springs are made in tight tolerances regarding diameter, they prevent the "twang" sound in airsoft sniper replicas

*This product will be sold separately and only one spring will be shipped out.

| Ian B. 22-05-2020 12:40

Great spring

| Robert E. 23-12-2019 13:31

Couldn’t get the piston to cock with a WASP kit and an AA cylinder. Possibly ok if it was clipped shorter or with a different piston or spring guide however I haven’t tried as I’d rather just use a different spring I know will work.

4 stars based on 2 reviews
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