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Non-BlowBack (NBB)

ICS BLE-PM2 CO2 'Makarov' NBB
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BLE-PM2 CO2 'Makarov' NBB
Here we’ve got the ICS CO2 powered BLE-PM2 CO2 non-blowback gas pistol, It’s a replica of the infamous 'Makarov' Pistol. Full metal construction meaning you have all the realism you could want! It features an TDC style adjustable HOP which is adjusted by
Tokyo Marui MK23 Socom
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Tokyo Marui
MK23 Socom
The well known non blowback Mk23 from Tokyo Marui!
Extremely quiet sidearm for snipers and stealth players!
ASG ASG MK23 Special Operations NBB
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ASG MK23 Special Operations NBB
Legendary ASG MK23 on offer.
in stock
A great budget clone of the Tokyo Marui Mk23 pistol, able to use the same upgrade parts and magazines.
This cheap pistol is a great sidearm for any sniper, quiet and gas efficient.

These come with:
1 x Pistol
1 x Magazine
1 x Mock Suppressor/Barre
Novritsch SSX23 (2020 Version)
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SSX23 (2020 Version)
The NOVRITSCH SSX23 (Version 2020) is a pre-upgraded, extremely quiet Non-Blow Back Pistol. This is the go-to choice of all sneaky snipers out there.