Springer Custom works 90° VSR 10 S-Trigger V 9.2

Article number: S-trigger V 9,2
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90° VSR 10 S-Trigger V 9.2


- Durable, robust 90° design prepared for strongest upgrades

- ALL Stainless steel construction

- Preserved safety function ( use original safety lever )

- Adjustable trigger OVER-TRAVEL

- Fast DROP-IN instalation

- Optimized trigger pull ( around 0,5 lb )

- Fits TM VSR 10 based rifles

- Heat treated ( hardened ) piston catch

- Polished contact points to ensure smooth trigger pull


List of new things in V 9.1:

- Sears made on CNC milling machine from Steel

- Optimized geometry

- Rear hole moved 0,5mm back

List of new things in V 9.2:

-New axles for centering spring guide stopper ( replaces metal washers )


Package includes :

- VSR 10 S-Trigger V.9

- Two screws for mounting to the receiver

- One screw and brass cylinder for the safety lever install.


Replica Compatibility:

- Tokio Marui VSR10 - working safety ( tested )

- JG BAR10 - working safety ( tested )

- Well MB-03 / 07 / 10 / 11 - working safety ( tested )

- HFC VSR-11

- ASG / VFC Ashbury ASW338LM

- ASG / VFC M40A3 

- FN Herstal SPR A5M

- Well MB4409 - possible fitting problems caused by manufacturing imperfections

- Well MB4411 - possible fitting problems caused by manufacturing imperfections

- Well MB-4406 - possible fitting problems caused by manufacturing imperfections

- Well AWP(S) MA4402 & MB4402 - possible fitting problems caused by manufacturing imperfections


90° Piston Compatibility:

- Action Army



- Maple Leaf

- Kings Arms

- Laylax


- 90° Mancraft SDiK conversion kit

| Charles W. 08-12-2020 20:46

It's great easy to set up and looks great as saying goes you get what you pay for the workmanship is great

| James A. 06-08-2020 17:26

overall well built with nice features but missing a screw!

| Andrew S. 10-02-2020 18:49

Can only be described as beautiful !

| Elliott A. 14-01-2020 17:29

Great fixed my slamfire issues would recommend

| Jason S. 09-01-2020 18:07

Nice smooth adjustable trigger easy to fit a star

| Simon T. 09-01-2020 15:24

So far so good seem well built

| Elliott 08-01-2020 18:24

This is a great fit for the Tokyo Marui vsr 10 if your unsure wether it will fit don’t be I bought this with hopes that it would work and it did so if your reading this and your unsure just buy it as long as it’s for your gun and it doesn’t have to be a Tokyo Marui one it can be any other clone it will fit do don’t hesitate to buy it.

| Scott 10-09-2019 20:51

Great build quality. Fitted first time. Smooth pull (m130 spring). Very short trigger pull.
Used on AAC T10-S

| ian m. 08-04-2019 14:42

A very well engineered trigger, i haven't installed it yet as i am waiting on other parts but looking at the quality and finish of this and from what i have read and from what i see in the unit it's self, i am expecting some great things.

| John N 27-02-2019 13:40

Amazing trigger unit which is well made and robust. Compared to my old zero trigger, this unit allowed for a smoother bolt pull and got rid of the slam firing issues that I previously had on my old trigger.

| David S. 30-07-2018 11:54

I’ve rated from initial perceptions since it’s not instalked yet.

Firstly it’s solid & the action is smooth and clean.

It’s a decent weight but not too much or clunky.

The trigger could do with the edges being champhered as there pretty square and some texture added for better grip.
Simple addition of self adhesive rubber pad would work?.

All in all very pleased with the purchase and looking forwards to putting it through its paces


| Amanda J. 07-04-2018 12:04

No description was given

| Neil E. 09-03-2018 11:58

Amazing thank you

| Tomas G. 23-02-2018 22:53

No description was given

| david h. 16-02-2018 18:12

Very nice build very well made will have to see but it’s looking

4.8 stars based on 15 reviews
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