W.A.S.P by SniperMechanic (SRS)

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The new W.A.S.P piston from SniperMechanic (www.snipermechanics.com). A new and innovative design, built to suit a variety of set ups and requirements. The ORIGINAL weight adjusted piston.

SRS Pull Bolt Only

User guide: https://www.snipermechanics.com/single-post/2018/08/22/SRS-WASP-Information


Informational Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nstQ9BdzLg&t=802s

The package features:

1 x Base Piston body
1 x Rear Sear
1 x Rear Guide Ring
1 x Front securing Ring
1 x Plastic Sleeve
1 x Aluminium Sleeve
1 x Steel Sleeve
1 x Non-Airbrake Fitting
1 x Full Airbrake
1 x Taper Airbrake
1 x PU80 Sealing Cup (Hard)
1 x One Piece Stainless Steel Spring Guide
2 x Spring Guide Orings
3 x 4mm Spacers (the amount you can use will vary on the spring used, eg the M150 can only use 1 spacer and M140 can use all 3)

Please Note:

- Due to the rear guide design, you may need to lower your sear height to allow the sear to slide over and release. If you find the piston does not release or sticks, lower the sear height.

- When using the weighted set up, DO NOT dry fire the rifle. This may cause eventual damage and is the responsibility of the customer.

- The Piston can only be used with the included spring guide.

| Laurentiu-Valentin S. 29-01-2019 14:02

Good job !

| David H. 29-01-2019 13:36

Awesome simply simple awesome

| Tomy A. 26-01-2019 18:01

Unreal piece of kit, gave it a proper test today in game. The seal is you get from it is second to none, massive improvement on range and has been lifting .45 gram bb’s like they are nothing. Hands down the best piece of kit I’ve ever purchased.

| Oliver C. 26-01-2019 01:01

Stunning and bar far the best investment I’ve made

| Blake M. 25-01-2019 15:33

The W.A.S.P piston is perfect.

I have been using the stock piston with a air break piston head in my 2018 model 20” sport line SRS and was absolutely in love with the performance of the gun. It was quiet, it was fairly consistent and all round brilliant. Then along comes the notorious W.A.S.P piston. It was recommended to me by a few players I have met but being honest I didn’t know how it could improve my already brilliant setup. This is when the W.A.S.P piston proved me wrong, it takes the gun to the next level, it’s silent and perfectly consistent, with the interchangeable sleeves (light, middle, heavy) to change the weight of the piston it take all of 5 seconds to reduce or up those joules. The cup creates a flawless seal, giving you that consistency. Assembling the piston is just as easy as taking the SRS apart (super easy), along with the interchangeable sleeves you also have different air breaks to go on the piston, a full, tapered, and plug.

The build quality of this piston is flawless I am unbelievably happy and would give this a 10/5 if possible. Thank you very much to SniperMechanic for designing and producing a fantastic part, which I believe is well worth the small price for the performance.

| Richard W. 21-01-2019 13:00

Amazing bit of kit. Love the flexibility and quietness of it. Highly recommended

| Aidan B. 20-01-2019 22:27

No description was given

| Dan B. 10-09-2018 10:19

Having purchased the W.A.S.P set for my VSR , it is very noticable that there has been a step up in design and presentation from Sniper Mechanic .
Out of the box you are greeted with individually wrapped componants that come in a clean white box emblazen with the Sniper Mechanics / WASP Logo

Installation wise , there is a useful link that guides you through the proccess clearly and was something I would recommend checking out - for this is not your every day piston .

The build quality of the parts can be felt in hand and all parts seem to be very well machined form high quality materials - I have no doubt that this will stand the test of time , even with higher rated springs.

My initial testing has shown the sealing (not that there was an issue with the stock piston) and smoothness of bolt have increased notably. More over , the noise (muzzle report ect ect) has decreased to an almost inaudible poof!

Overall :

5 Star Company (Well done Skirmshop)
5 Star Product
1 very happy customer

| Fidel Q. 08-09-2018 13:47

the W.A.S.P is excellent

| Richard C. 01-09-2018 20:26

Awesome piece of kit :)

| Jordan H. 27-08-2018 15:49

Very good product, would recommend this to everyone

| Shane M. 27-08-2018 00:54

No description was given

| Adam R. 26-08-2018 14:26

Superb product. Parts very well made and good value. Works exceptionally.

5 stars based on 13 reviews
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